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Boomer Creek Olive Grove is a 3 hectare block consisting of over 800 trees, set adjacent to our single site vineyard. Most of the olive trees in the grove are now over 20 years’ old and producing premium fruit for extra virgin olive oil production. The five main varieties grown are Manzanillo, Frontoio, Pendolino, Barnea and Hardy’s Mammoth.

We have a fairly minimalistic and hands on approach to our olive grove. All of the trees are hand pruned and fruit is picked by friends and family. We also do not spray the grove with any chemicals or sprays, not even the weeds! Our sheep and two resident horses take care of the grass and weeds for us.

The site of the grove (alike the vineyard site) is set in Jurassic dolerite and deep red clay loam which aids the growth and health of our trees and is reflected in the unique flavours of each of our olive varieties.

All of our extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and unfiltered. Each variety is kept separate to settle, before mixing together to make our unique Boomer Creek blend of extra virgin olive oil.

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