About Us

Boomer Creek - the farm, vineyard and Walters family

Boomer Creek was first settled in the early 1800’s and the Property derives its name from the local wildlife, with a ‘boomer’ being a large male kangaroo.

Boomer Creek was first established under the Walters name by Colin Walters Senior in 1969. It is currently a third generation family owned and operated property which is quite diverse in farm production.

Aside from our vineyard we also breed fine wool Merino sheep and Herefords all of which play a big part in our farm production, and alongside we also have our 3 hectare olive grove.

Astrid Walters with Spud the sheep herding specialist.

The Vineyard

Boomer Creek Vineyard has two separate blocks, our first planted 3 hectare ocean block and our  most recently planted 2 hectare Dam block. The Ocean block was first planted in 2012 with the most recent being our Dam block in 2022. The ocean site is set on a easterly facing slope rolling down hill towards the ocean, overlooking Schouten Island and the Little Swanport estuary. While our Dam block is neatly planted on a North facing slope over looking our dam with vines planted north to south ensuring a good all round exposure to the suns warming and grape ripening rays. 

Soils are a Jurassic dolerite and deep red clay loam which give our wines their own unique flavour. Current varieties grown are Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Malbec and Cabernet Franc.

With regards to Vineyard up keep and maintenance we have a dedicated hands on approach to encourage the vines to produce the best fruit they can. All our vines are hand pruned and picked and we avoid the use of insecticides. Instead we prefer to use the force of Mother Nature and all her predator bugs to help keep troublesome bugs at bay.

We have a strong focus on producing clean quality fruit with many of our days through summer spent managing the canopy and foliage to promote adequate sun exposure and air flow to control disease and optimise fruit production.

All the fruit that goes into the Boomer Creek label is 100% picked from our single site estate vineyard. Our approach is to make wine making easy, by producing the highest quality fruit we can that reflects the unique characteristics of the terroir in each variety of our cool climate wines.